D. Gerard Elliott

Puritans, Presidents, and why God Raised the American Promised Land

D. Gerard Elliott's Book

Captured within these pages is a treasure of wisdom passed down to our Founding Fathers from 17th-century Puritans who escaped political and religious persecutions to establish the American Promised Land. Journey along countless trials and enduring triumphs of each U.S. President.

Follow their piercing quotes which reveals unwavering faith in one Almighty Lord God Jehovah. Venture through colonial era trade wars. Discover vile subjugations cast upon the helpless innocent by vain monarchs,

About The Book

seething dictators, and heretics alike. Unlock many prized mysteries now broadly discarded by rapidly changing norms in our modern age. It’s a showcase of why today’s society became the way it is.

These gripping chapters disclose where income disparity got started. See how countless elites became ultra-wealthy while average people forever remain powerless.

About The Author

D. Gerard Elliott

Gerard Elliott is a Melchezidek priest with over thirty-years of extended academic studies in world history, global governments, ancient philosophies, cultural traditions, genealogy, and Abrahamic religions. He is a recognized roundtable discussion leader and specializes in American Presidents who openly acknowledged a divine influence had motivated some of their key decisions while they served in office.